Corporate Social Responsibility

Labor Policy

1. Do not compel workers to work or restrict their freedom, and do not utilize bonded labor, contract binding, or involuntary labor.
2. Do not employ child labor.
3. Employ young workers with protection as per legal requirements.
4. Adhere to regulations concerning working hours, wages, and benefits.
5. Respect the fundamental human rights of workers and treat all workers with dignity.
6. Provide an equal and fair working environment, prohibiting any form of discriminatory behavior.
7. Respect workers’ rights to freedom of association, collective bargaining, and peaceful assembly.

Ethical Policy

1. Adhere to the requirements of integrity, honesty, and ethical business conduct.
2. All employees shall neither offer nor accept any form of undue advantage.
3. Publicly disclose company information in accordance with legal requirements, ensuring its consistency and accuracy.
4. Respect intellectual property rights and safeguard information of the company, customers, and suppliers.
5. Abide by standards of fair trade, advertising, and competition while participating in market competition.
6. Ensure confidentiality and anonymity of whistleblowers, and eradicate retaliatory actions.
7. Do not engage in the use of conflict minerals.
8. Protect the personal data and privacy of suppliers, customers, consumers, and employees.