ECM Processing Service

ECM equipment can process any metal material without residual
stress and burrs on the workpiece,suitable for all kinds of precision metal processing.
We provide the following services and mass production plans.

Deburring by ECM

Solve the current situation of product deburring Stable and efficient quality

Micromolding by ECM

Non-contact is advantages of applied electrochemical, Stable and efficient quality

Hole processing by ECM

Easily perform hole machining in any metal material

Deburring by ECM

Deburring in complex special surface

Cross hole parts

Used in auto parts, aviation parts, military parts. The processing time is short, and a mold can have multiple cavities, which can be used in mass production

Thin tube forming processing

Micro-forming on thin stainless steel metal tubes

Thin material molding

Use jigs for thin metal processing

Dynamic processing

Forming processing similar to NC processing method

Blind hole machining

Casting metal materials that are difficult to process or metals with complex shapes