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Electrochemical machining

Metal Processing / Design

Anodizing can improve the adhesion between the primer and the metal surface,prevent coating peeling or falling off, ensure the firmness and durability of the coating and make it easier for the workpiece to absorb dye and increase the reflectivity of metal parts.

Therefore, it is widely used in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, and electronics.

Currently, there are only agents representing foreign electrochemical processing equipment in Taiwan, and no equipment manufacturers specializing in electrochemical processing machines.Therefore, our company has in-depth research and application results in electrochemical machining, and hopes to use electrochemical machining technology to manufacture Taiwan’s industries to bring competitiveness.

  Electrochemical machining technology is mainly used for removing burrs and forming parts.

As a professional thermal solution provider,Comptake has prefect management system for process vertical control, for all processes such as: extrusion, stamping, die-casting, diamond cut, anodizing, injection and assembly, we are proud of meeting whatever our customer’s demands.