Equipment for school research



Suitable for various research and development

Any metal material processing
No loss of electrode (tool)
No residual stress on the workpiece
high productivity
No burrs after processing
High processing reproducibility
Suitable for small parts and small removal product applications

Molded workpiece

  • One-mold, one-cavity design, can show embossing and high reproducibility
  • Time:120s
  • Material:AL5052


  • Time:60s
  • Material:S45C
  • A mold and a cavity design, compared to manual deburring,
    ECM deburring capacity is increased by at least 3 times.

TEC-100 Single Z axis special processing jig

  • Suitable for processing small parts with thickness below 100mm
  • Can be applied to high aspect ratio deburring, reaming, inner wall micro-forming
    (thread / rifling / internal tooth)


Stand acc:

  • Lamp x1
  • Tool Box x1
  • Tubes x2
  • Filter x1


Optional acc:

  • Customized electrode / clamping
  • Customized electrolyte
  • Customized power
  • Filter press
  • Water chiller unit
  • XY Axes
機種型號 TEC-100
Spec. Machine layout
W 1154mm
L 1229mm
H 2251mm
Working table
L 300mm
W 300mm
Machining area
W 400mm
L 400mm
H 450mm
Axes travels
X 90mm
Y 90mm
Z 130mm
Weight(without electrolyte) ≒500kg (400kg)
Filtration Filtration tank
Capacity 100L
Filter press NA
Filter 2pcs
Power Output power
Voltage 0~20V
Currency 0~100A
Pulse frequency 500 Hz
on time 1ms
off time 1ms
Pulse period 1ms to DC
Output mode Constant voltage & current
Input Input power
Voltage 3AC 220V(3AC 380V)
Current 20A
Frequency 60Hz
Electrode/Clamping trial mold Extra charge
official mold
Electrolyte Type
composition Customized
Description Appropriate energy and excellent precision control, suitable for any small metal parts.The amount of workpiece removal is small, equipped with pulse power supply, suitable for small area finishing.。

The spec. above might be changed without further notifications since TAIWEC co. approves spec constantly. Please contact the sales dep. for the details of machines.