ECM Processing Equipment

 Currently, there are only agents representing foreign electrochemical processing equipment in Taiwan, and no equipment manufacturers specializing in electrochemical processing machines.

  Therefore, our company has in-depth research and application results in electrochemical machining, and hopes to use electrochemical machining technology to manufacture Taiwan’s industries to bring competitiveness.
  Electrochemical machining technology is mainly used for removing burrs and forming parts.

  The biggest difference from general electric discharge machining is that electrochemical machining belongs to the ion exchange reaction of cold working, while electric discharge machining belongs to the thermal melting reaction of electronic fired materials.

  The difference between the two is that there are discharge pits on the surface. And the removal efficiency is high.

  According to different product characteristics, materials and requirements, the key factors affecting success are three core technologies, including: electrode/fixture technology, power/control technology, equipment/peripheral module development, the company has the most professional ECM technical team, among which Can bring customers the best solutions and practical application experience.